Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cruise 2014

 Had the privilege  of going on a cruise this past month with my honey & parents.
We visited Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Lebedee (Haiti).
Swam with the stingray, went snorkeling (which we had never done before) as well
as tubing down a river.
Lots of food, fun and laughs......and WARM toes!!!!
Oh how I had Pa winter and the cold toes!! UGH

2014 Porject Life Cover Page

First page for my Project Life....I kindda "scraplifted" this idea from someone and for the life
of me I can not remember who it was or I would link up and
give them credit.  Really enjoyed doing this...hand sewn with
gold thread.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gifts Galore

 Gifts & Wrappings.........This year the neighbors gifts are a little different, we
usually do something that I have baked or homemade jelly........

 Chalkboard is my theme this year....Below: we are creating our chalkboard
Christmas we have to season them and then we get to write on em!
I also decided that my December Daily Album would incorporate the chalk the front is painted
chalk....will try and post a picture later.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Times A Comin'

 Bella even received a stuffed animal that she loves.
Took an online class for chalkboard art & LOVE IT.  Each year we get the
kids an ornament (so when they move out they have a few on the tree)  This year Shalene chose a snowbaby.  

Naughty Or Nice?

Have you been Naughty or Nice?  Which list are you on???????  Well our Elf has been
in the house and he has been a bit Naughty :)  This season we have been on the quiet side, which
is unusual for us during the Christmas Season....However, no major parts in the Christmas program and such...gotta say, the program is fun but a quiet year is fun as well.
Been busy with our countdown (making homemade ornaments -- wishing star ornaments (above), chalkboard ornaments & cups, red velvet pancakes, peppermint pancakes, party punch, games, and simply fun family moments....This is something I have learned to really love....during the
busy season, our countdown makes sure that we have some time together as a family.

 Its awful to say but this is the first year that we have attended the live nativity in Middleburg.....was nice 
and cold that evening but such a gentle reminder of our Lord.
I have been having a lot of fun making some new Christmas decor (Steve, with much coaxing, brought home some old windows for me to craft with....I gotta say, he kept asking why I wanted old junk windows but begrudgingly brought them home , YAY, pinterest and I are best friends)

 Though we have given in to the artificial tree (I'm sorry but the cost for a real one was just getting to be too much)  However, one of my very favorite things to see during the Christmas season (No clue why!!!) is a fresh cut Christmas tree on top of a car.  I also LOOOOOOOVE to visit Country Cupboard and Country Farm and Home & drool over all of the stunning decorations and endless ideas they have.